Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hope Rising

This poem was featured in an multimedia art gallery for the 2013 Christmas Celebration at Glad Tidings Church.

Deep night
On a voyage just begun.
She looks down at her baby’s face…
A journey to a new town for a labor she’d never expected.
Strangers all around them:  nameless shepherds and anonymous nobles.

They were here to worship her Son.

She couldn’t have imagined this night.
She sensed there was more to unfold.
It would explode like a star in the sky
                                                                              Years from now?
She could only wonder, and so she
                                                                               these things in her heart.

* * *

She walked toward the garden
Clutching spices in her hands.
She fought the heaviness,
The sickening numbness that engulfed her heart.
She still couldn’t believe He was gone.

She didn’t know that His eyes were trained on her approach.
How He loved her, this frail human in His repairing grasp.
His eyes warmed as He thought how she would
Live and
               Love and
                               Speak of His heart to others.

She stumbled closer to the tomb,
And He remembered how He’d
                                                                           them all
             —all the unlovely and unlovable ones—
      as He stumbled under that cumbersome cross.

It wasn’t on the pain He focused
—that was only a fickle torment.
No, He lingered on the plans His Father had for their future.
                          those plans as though they were for Him.

She looked up into His face and gasped, seeing a stranger.
She didn’t know Him yet.
But then, the world had only begun to know Him. 

Hope had risen like a beacon star in the night sky.

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