Enid Explained

Where does the title "Lightning Strikes Enid" come from?

Inspiration can strike like lightning, either with the subtle rumble of an approaching storm, or the sudden violent crack of the storm in our midst.  Ideas for stories, essays, blogs behave the same way for me.  Everything is normal... normal... normal, and then bam!  The idea has struck, and I have to act quickly before it passes and my chance is gone.

The "Enid" part is less obvious to the casual observer.  I was 14, and I happened to look, see a particular lightning strike, and bam!  Out of nowhere, the name Enid came to mind.  I'd never heard the name before, and for many years, I was clueless to its meaning.  Beyond clueless, I was bemused and nonplussed why lightning always brought to mind the name Enid.

Then one night I was updating this blog, and I changed the tagline to say, "When lightning strikes, life begins."  I decided to google the meaning of Enid once more, hoping that finally it would tell me more than just about a character in a little known piece of literature.  This time I was rewarded.  Finally.

As suspected, Enid is Celtic.  Depending on which variety you're using as the time, it could mean "soul" or "spirit."  Or "life."

There you have it.  You see, since I was in high school, I've looked at my writing with one goal.  When someone's finished reading, I'd like them to look at life differently.  It doesn't have to be drastic, though that would be nice.  I just want the opportunity for their life to be different because of the lightning that struck me.

When lightning strikes, life begins.

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