About Valonna

I am a woman in the process of becoming me.  Raised in the Midwest (but near the South), I moved the Bay Area in 2006.  Since then, life has rarely gone according to plan, but it has never been boring.

I am a woman who loves rapid fire wit, classic Hollywood movies (and some new ones), word searches, and really long walks.  I find myself inordinately lucky to have some truly awesome people supporting me in my life.  Most of all, I try to love God more and better each day.

I am a woman who doesn't remember a time when words didn't hold tremendous allure.  Even before I was old enough to write, I was asking my mom to write stories down for me.  And short of spending time in God's presence, there are very few things that make me feel so absolutely alive as writing the words I feel have been entrusted to me.  My goal with this blog is not to simply entertain, but to show someone something they wouldn't have otherwise seen.

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