Thursday, October 23, 2008

Waste of Time and (Blog) Space

Why is it so very easy to waste time?

I can waste time window shopping, looking up words, spying on everyone’s Facebook and myspace, checking out new books, movies, music. I can wander the annals of emails new and old. I can research something to wear to the international Christmas musical.

What I should be doing is something else altogether.

This is usually laundry, my chore-room for the week, fixing lunch for the next day at work. I could really benefit from some time reading the Bible, kicking it with God, myself, or nature. I might also call a friend I haven’t spoken to in what seems like forever. I should write more frequently than I do also.

These are all infinitely better uses of my time, better than wasting it doing who knows what. Does this produce any extra productivity on my part? Not really. Guilt moves in for a play at superiority, but even that emotion doesn’t get much air time when it comes to my play time. And that’s what it is: play time. I want quite greedily to play and be irresponsible. Being responsible has garnered limited benefits in the past, so why should the present be any different?

And yet, a part of me recognizes that responsibility may take a while to incur any cool fringe benefits. That’s what everyone in high school/college is working toward, right? And all the entry level peons? Yes, they’re usually working toward a specific goal, and their eyes are on the prize. Maybe I should select a prize to give myself for not wasting so much time. Then, window shopping might take a back seat to more important pursuits.

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